Friday, January 29, 2021

Jim's First Trades


Jim Rogers tries to remember his first trade and describes his early experiences on Wall Street. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Currencies: Turmoil Will Benefit The US Dollar


I own a lot of US Dollars at the moment. 

The United States is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world and it's getting worse every day so you probably should say well, why do you own US Dollars? 

I own them because we're going to have more problems, turmoil in the world later this year or next year. 

During times like that people always look for a safe haven. They think the US Dollar is a safe haven. It's not but they think it is for historic reasons.

So, the US Dollar will go much higher and it might even turn into a bubble. It'll certainly get overpriced at which point i'll have to sell my dollars.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Latest Interview With The Economic Times

Recent interview with the Economic Times:

Jim Rogers’ tip for new investors: Don't let hot tips ruin you


- Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin regulation
- India agriculture
- Russia, China
- Stock market outlook

India Should Be A Great Agricultural Nation Again

India should be, could be and will be a great agricultural nation again if the government gets out of the way and leaves those smart farmers to do it.

It's very dangerous when the government says it is coming to help you. When the government comes to help you, leave home, go away.

Bitcoin: A Perspective (from Peter Schiff)

 Recent Peter Schiff's commentary on Bitcoin,

"Losing the private key to your Bitcoin wallet is not the same thing as forgetting where you buried your gold. When gold is lost the world loses something -- the potential use of that gold as a metal. When Bitcoin is lost the world loses nothing. Gold is wealth. Bitcoin is not."

"The fact that an ounce of #gold can be divided into grams does not make it any less scarce. That's because its the weight of gold that's scarce relative to the demand to use it as a metal. Bitcoin weighs nothing and is used for nothing. So, dividing Bitcoin reduces its scarcity."

"The reason a one-ounce gold coin is twice as valuable as a half-ounce gold coin is that you can make twice as much jewelry with an ounce of gold as you can with a half ounce. Since you can't make anything out of a Bitcoin, a full Bitcoin has no more value than half a Bitcoin."

Monday, January 25, 2021

Investing: Bear Markets, Apple, Tencent

 Here are the links for the latest media appearances:

Have a great trading day!

Bitcoin Looks Like A Bubble

Many cryptocurrencies have disappeared and gone to zero.

We all watch Bitcoin but there are many others that have disappeared completely. 

I do not know who is buying Bitcoin. It looks to me like a bubble. I have seen many bubbles in my life.

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