Thursday, September 12, 2019

Forex: The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Will Disappear

“I expect the Hong Kong dollar to break free of the US dollar once the renminbi [Chinese yuan] is convertible. The Hong Kong dollar will disappear… but that will not happen until the renminbi is completely convertible." - in (read the complete article here: Hong Kong’s days as global financial hub may be numbered – Jim Rogers)

Interview: China, Financial Markets (video)

Watch this one-hour long interview with Jim Rogers where the legendary investor talks about China and all the major subjects that may impact financial markets in the future.

Hong Kong: Global Financial Hub Status In Jeopardy

In a recent interview with Jim Rogers expressed the view that the recent political turmoil will be putting Hong Kong's global financial hub status in risk. Read the complete article here: Hong Kong’s days as global financial hub may be numbered – Jim Rogers

Monday, September 9, 2019

Jim Rogers Partners With Nanomedics

Jim Rogers is joining the management of South Korean graphene firm Nanomedics: Jim Rogers to Join Management of S. Korean Graphene Firm

Jim Rogers has been bullish on graphene for a long time and is widely recognized as a leading expert in commodities.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Podcast: The Dangers Of A Trade War

Jim Rogers explains why is it so dangerous that President Trump and his team believe that a trade war can be won. Jim sees this as a major risk to the world economy and financial markets.

Podcast: The Bull Market Is Over

In this podcast, Jim Rogers explains why he thinks the bull market in U.S. equities is about to come to an end.

Trade War: Trump Thinks He Can Win

The next time the American stock market or the economy starts having problems, Mr. Trump is going to blame that on Asia and come out with more trade wars, not just against China but against Japan, Korea and everybody because Mr. Trump in his heart thinks trade war is good. He is surrounded by people who think a trade war is good. He thinks he can win a trade war. He does not know history, thinks he is smarter than history or both.