Monday, November 30, 2020

One Very Important Skill Great Traders Have

"One very important skill great traders have is the ability to gauge when to step on the gas and get aggressive and when to ride the brake or even sit out completely. Most of the time you should not be trading very aggressively. Trading requires a lot of patience and stalking."

-- Mark Minervini, momentum stocks trader profiled in The Stock Market Wizards book

Jim Rogers: Technology and Communications

The world works better when we are open & willing to work together.

China is ahead of us in digital money and innovation in general. 

Markets: Biggest Risks in 2021

 Latest article on Reuters: U.S. debt, Fed easy money biggest risks in 2021: Jim Rogers

Topics covered: 2021 biggest risks, the new Administration, the U.S. Dollar and Janet Yellen.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Investing: How You Become Successful

Everybody watching this knows a lot about something whether it's sports, cars, fashion or something else.
You look at it every day, you go on the internet, you read about it because that's what you love. 

When you see a change taking place that you know is going to be successful because you know a lot about that, then do more research and make investments. That's how you become successful!

Monday, November 2, 2020

History Is Clear On What Happens Next

Every central bank and every government is spending, borrowing and printing as much money as they can. Markets love it! I'm not sure what the world is going to think about it in a few years.

The Next Bear Market

 - Highlighted quote from the article: 

🗣   ‘It’s good to be old. Young people have a very bleak future ahead of them.’

 - Highlighted quote from the article: 

🗣   "One notable feature of this latest crisis was both how sharply market conditions deteriorated and how quickly they recovered. The actions by central banks and governments around the globe doubtless contributed to this rebound."

America Should Focus More On Long-Term Growth


History tells us competition and openness make us greater. Check out this fruitful dialogue with international investor & author Jim Rogers.

Video duration: 7m08s


America should focus more on long-term growth.

"I wish America would not do what it's doing. I wish that America if it's going to spend money it would spend money on developing infrastructure. In America we're just spending it on making sure people have jobs which is great for the people but it's not good for the long-term growth of America."

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