Friday, October 30, 2020

Jim Rogers Tips Trump Win

This week's press roundup:

Starting with the interview with Financial Review: Jim Rogers tips Trump win, market 'blow-off'

One of the highlights from this interview was when Jim said, "I am not a betting person at all – but if I was, I would bet Trump was going to win."

In another interview with the Daily Mail Australia, Jim Rogers predicts a dire outlook for Australia:
Australia will suffer a downturn WORSE than the Great Depression

Highlights from this article,

'Governments everywhere and central banks everywhere are printing and borrowing and spending huge amounts of money - as long as that lasts, the markets are very happy'

'Australia could be extremely susceptible because your politicians keep making enemies of people that you shouldn't be enemies of - like China.'

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Trump Is Better For The Stock Market

If Donald Trump wins, the stock market is more likely to stay higher for a while. If the opposition wins, normally what happens is the opposition comes in, cleans out everything they want to clean out, take the pain now so that they can get reelected next time around.

Theoretically if Joe Biden wins it won't be as good as if Mr. Trump wins. Maybe that's what the market has been telling us recently.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Street Smarts: Animated Book Summary

Here’s an animated book summary of Street Smarts. Enjoy:

The book “Street Smarts” by Jim Rogers is an engaging memoir and also a great source of financial education and investment advice from a person who has traveled all over the world with the purpose to see and understand how the countries’ economies and political regimes have evolved. Learn where the next great place to live will be and which country offers the best investment opportunities at the moment, from a guy who not only delivers financial commentary on TV but walks his talks with great success.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Currencies: No Real Alternative To Invest

I wonder all the time where to put my money and I do not find any place that is really a great alternative to the U.S. Dollar at the moment. The Pound Sterling? Forget it! The Euro currency? Maybe temporarily. The Chinese currency? Yes, but it's a blocked currency! Japan? They have huge problems in Japan.

Central Banks: The Printing Presses Are Running At Unbelievable Speed!

 A few highlights from the video,

"The printing presses are running at unbelievable speed."

"I have young children. America is leaving them a terrible, terrible legacy."

Monday, October 12, 2020

Digital Currencies Are The Future - Jim B. Rogers

Digital currency is the future says Jim Rogers. The legendary investor predicts governments will create their own digital currencies. Unlike Bitcoin, these digital currencies will be controlled by the governments that create them. 

How The Rich People Tend To Behave

Interesting readings on financial twitter today:

"Material possessions shouldn't be the goal, experiences and stories are so much more satisfying."

-- Jim OShaughnessy, Founder, Chairman, OSAM LLC

“I observed at an early age, the rich people around me rarely bought anything, while the poor people around me were always shopping.”

-- Tom Ragland

"The best aren't working for money, it's about the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing."

--Orange Book

On other topics, Adam Grant has a will have his new book out soon,

"Great thinkers don’t boast about how much they know. They marvel at how little they understand. If knowledge is power, knowing what we don't know is wisdom. It gives us the mental agility to rethink our assumptions."

China Selling U.S. Treasuries Will Pressure Interest Rates

China reducing American debt will put pressure on U.S. interest rates, they should be going up. From the Chinese standpoint, it’s a smart economic and investment move, one that would strengthen the Chinese yuan. If they sell US debt, they sell dollars, therefore their currency goes higher.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

2020 Election: Biden With Largest Lead

 From Nate Silver's, Five Thirty Eight:

"Really more polls are coming in showing Biden up double digits than not at this point. He's up to +9.8 in our national polling average, his largest lead of the campaign."

-- Biden 51.9%
-- Trump 42.1%

Markets: Commodities Still Get No Respect

Commodities still get no respect most commodities at lest, certainly not now. I mean, there have been
periods, for example crude oil went to $150 a barrel for a minute, or for a day. Things do happen but for the most part people have ignored commodities again. But don't worry they'll be back especially if we keep printing money the way we're printing money.

If economies keep collapsing and nobody can go to work, that cuts demand but it also cuts supply eventually. If they keep printing money the demand will be there eventually too.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Jack Schwager: Psychology Is More Important Than Technique

 Listen to the latest video interview of Jack Schwager, this weekend at the Traders Summit 2020. In this interviews Jack addressed several different topics including his new book Unknown Market Wizards:  

The world-famous author Jack Schwager gave a fantastic interview and took questions from panelists and guests. He revealed his new book “Unknown Market Wizards”, adding that it’s a collection of interviews of highly successful traders who are relatively unknown to the world. He said that stock traders and futures traders are usually quite different and closed with a pearl of advice: “Psychology is more important than technique”.

Tech Stocks: A Ticking Time Bomb!

This bull market is getting very old. Several hyped-up stocks are likely to crash when the next bear market comes. A time bomb is ticking in the technology space. 

People are thinking that stocks like Amazon (AMZN) and Alibaba can never go down. I advise investors to read market history that they can go down and they will go down. We will have more bear markets!

When the bear market comes, emerging markets like India will go down a lot. India has been building up debt, and I don’t like that!

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