Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Investing: Identifying Opportunities



0:00:00​ Welcome and context 
0:02:40​ The Jim Rogers way of identifying opportunities 
0:07:16​ What is your decision-making process like for investing? 
0:10:15​ What helps you understand what cycle are we going through now? 
0:12:50​ What mistaken beliefs are widely held right now? 
0:14:51​ What if governments can just keep printing money? 
0:16:24​ How does the MMT will end? 
0:18:30​ What looks inexpensive to you? 
0:21:33​ Thinking through the risks 
0:24:01​ What were the biggest opportunities through the pandemic? 
0:28:05​ What factors are you looking among the Asian countries? 
0:31:21​ How do you filter information? 
0:32:56​ What are the benefits of travel? 
0:34:55​ Is India interesting for investors? 
0:35:37​ What gets you most excited in the current markets? 
0:36:29​ Where can people find out more about you?

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