Monday, September 23, 2019

Japan Does Not Have A Great Future

Japan is one of my very favorite countries in the whole world. I'm extremely keen on Japan in fact I would probably live here except I want my children to speak Mandarin. But if you spoke Mandarin, I would probably live in Japan as it's such a fantastic place to visit and live.

Having said that, it grieves me because I see serious problems in Japan which is the point of this book. I am a foreigner and I know that the Japanese don't like foreigners but this this book is not really a foreigners book it is based on simple arithmetic whether you're Japanese or not Japanese the arithmetic is the same.

Every day the debt goes higher, there's addition and there's subtraction because every day the population declines in Japan. Everything can go wrong. You have a central bank which is printing staggering amounts of money every day and buys Japanese shares and Japanese bonds.

I'm old enough to remember and maybe some of you are that if even 30 years ago somebody had said, "Oh, the central bank of a major economy and a major country is going to print huge amounts of money and buy shares in its stock market." people would have walked away. They wouldn't listen to you anymore, so incomprehensible, inconceivable that that could happen even 30 years ago.

But look out the window, it's happening every day in Japan right now while the population declines and the debt goes up. So, I mean as far as I can see Japan doesn't have a great future.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Forex: The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Will Disappear

“I expect the Hong Kong dollar to break free of the US dollar once the renminbi [Chinese yuan] is convertible. The Hong Kong dollar will disappear… but that will not happen until the renminbi is completely convertible." - in (read the complete article here: Hong Kong’s days as global financial hub may be numbered – Jim Rogers)

Interview: China, Financial Markets (video)

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Hong Kong: Global Financial Hub Status In Jeopardy

In a recent interview with Jim Rogers expressed the view that the recent political turmoil will be putting Hong Kong's global financial hub status in risk. Read the complete article here: Hong Kong’s days as global financial hub may be numbered – Jim Rogers

Monday, September 9, 2019

Jim Rogers Partners With Nanomedics

Jim Rogers is joining the management of South Korean graphene firm Nanomedics: Jim Rogers to Join Management of S. Korean Graphene Firm

Jim Rogers has been bullish on graphene for a long time and is widely recognized as a leading expert in commodities.

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