Friday, October 8, 2021

New Emerging Markets: Cambodia, Uzbekistan

Right now, I'm looking at Cambodia, I'm looking at Uzbekistan. I shouldn't tell you that because I
haven't invested there yet... These are countries that i'm looking at.

If a country is a disaster but I see something changing in the leadership or the attitudes towards capital, attitudes towards an investment then it gets my attention. 

Then I start doing more research. Do they have a balance of trade surplus? Do they have a budget

I'm looking at Namibia right now in Africa. It looks like they're doing some good changes.

I'm looking at Zimbabwe. I already have investments in Zimbabwe. 

Africa has been a disaster, a total ruin in the last 35 or 40 years. But I have learned that if you invest in
a catastrophe and you have the staying power and it's changing and most catastrophes change because
people just can't take it anymore -- you might make some money.

America Is The Largest Debtor The World Has Ever Seen!

America is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world.

Never in world history has any nation been so deep into debt. That doesn't sound good to me for
the future, it does not sound good to build a long-term success story if you're the largest debtor the world has ever seen but that's the facts.

Commodities: Cotton & Agriculture


Jim Rogers expressed his views on markets, bitcoin, regulation and what he sees going forward. 

"Unless something happens soon we're not going to have any clothes to wear you don't have any food to drink or eat." - Jim Rogers

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Commodities: Copper and Agriculture

We still have plenty of room to make money in Commodities, especially agricultural commodities going forward. Agriculture is cheap and many Commodities are still cheap now.

Now copper is making all-time highs. The world has got become electrical electrical cars, trucks and
everything else. Well, it turns out that electric car uses several times as much copper as a combustion engineering car. So there's going to be a huge demand for some of these metals that we
didn't have before.

Higher Prices For Real Goods: We Have A Long Way To Go


Throughout history all of this money printing historically has led to higher prices for real good. So in my view, we have a long way to go.

Bonds Are The Most Obvious Bubble

When I look around the world, the most obvious bubble is in the bond market. Bonds have never been this expensive in the history of the world. Interest rates have never been this low in the world's history. There are cerebral bubbles but that is the clearest bubble of all. 

Monday, October 4, 2021

A Major Bear Market Is Fast Approaching


The worst bear market of our lifetime is nearing fast, says Jim Rogers.

Bonds are clearly in a bubble, property in many places (Korea, New Zealand) are also in a bubble.

Commodities: Views on Silver


Jim Rogers shares his bullish views on Silver, Sugar and real goods. 

Will Silver go back to its all-time high?

Why is Copper near all-time highs? Electric vehicles have been the catalyst. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

A Little Story About Electric Vehicles

Remember Henry Ford? Henry Ford's wife had an electric vehicle. She did not like internal combustion engines, she insisted that electric vehicles were the future. Well, she was over 100 years too soon! Yes, they're coming but it's not going to happen overnight.

Related stock market tickers: Tesla (TSLA), Ford (F), General Motors (GM)

Markets: Rally Will End Soon

Markets everywhere have been going through the roof! This has been unprecedented because we've had so much money printing by central banks all over the world.

I'm not good at market timing but I'm sure it's going to be coming to an end sometime in the next few months.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Inflation Outlook


Jim Rogers discusses the inflation phenomenon. Is it transitory, or are things structurally changing? 

Other topics:

- quantitative easing

- government spending

- consumer inflation

- governments like to lie about inflation data

How Trading Accounts Blow Up

"Every account blow up happens the same way... you dig in and refuse to accept a small lose before it turns into a huge one or you refuse to back off when trades are not working... or worse, you add more to losing trades and get bold when trades are running cold."

-- Mark Minervini, momentum stocks trader profiled in the Stock Market Wizards book

Monday, July 5, 2021

Be Audacious!

"Be audacious. There is always a best possible path. Your job is to find it and have the courage to follow it. What you think is attainable is just a function of what you know at the moment. Once you start your pursuit you will learn a lot, especially if you triangulate with others; paths you never saw before will emerge."

-- Ray Dalio, hedge fund manager

The Euphoric Recovery Will Fade Soon

 Recent interview with RT, Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Jim Rogers talks about how the economy is recovering from COVID-19. The euphoric recovery will fade  soon. 

Becoming A Great Trader

"Becoming a great stock trader is no different than becoming a great basketball player, surgeon or trial attorney; it takes knowledge, practice and skill which takes time. Don't be hard on yourself if you are not killing it right away. Focus on making incremental improvement."

-- Mark Minervini, momentum stocks trader profiled in the Stock Market Wizards book

Young Traders vs Older Traders

"When I was young and poor I dreamed of a having a big beautiful home and fancy cars. How life changes after 50... I just got a new toaster and it makes me so happy."

-- Mark Minervini

Crude Oil: Sub $100 Will Be Transitory

"I think the sub $100 per barrel crude oil prices we enjoyed since the 2014 oil price crash will turn out to have been transitory. Those low prices resulted from a strengthening U.S. dollar and a boom in domestic production due to fracking. Neither of those benign factors will return."

-- Peter Schiff

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Inflation Keeps Pushing Crude Oil Higher

"High inflation keeps pushing the price of oil higher. So far today it's already hit $73.40, the highest price since October of 2018. Yet investors aren't buying gold because instead of looking at what's actually happening to oil, they believe the Federal Reserve that it's only transitory."

-- Peter Schiff, economist & investor

Monday, May 10, 2021

Bitcoin Will Be Outlawed If It Becomes Very Successful

 Bitcoin will be outlawed if it becomes very successful. That's what history shows us. 

Other topics covered:

- the state of the US Economy;

- the sustainability of the US Debt;

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Investing: Identifying Opportunities



0:00:00​ Welcome and context 
0:02:40​ The Jim Rogers way of identifying opportunities 
0:07:16​ What is your decision-making process like for investing? 
0:10:15​ What helps you understand what cycle are we going through now? 
0:12:50​ What mistaken beliefs are widely held right now? 
0:14:51​ What if governments can just keep printing money? 
0:16:24​ How does the MMT will end? 
0:18:30​ What looks inexpensive to you? 
0:21:33​ Thinking through the risks 
0:24:01​ What were the biggest opportunities through the pandemic? 
0:28:05​ What factors are you looking among the Asian countries? 
0:31:21​ How do you filter information? 
0:32:56​ What are the benefits of travel? 
0:34:55​ Is India interesting for investors? 
0:35:37​ What gets you most excited in the current markets? 
0:36:29​ Where can people find out more about you?

Monday, March 15, 2021

Q&A: Where Are Interest Rates Going?

Q: what you think about effects both in society and in investors life with potentially going into a longer term era of rising interest rates if you think that's where we're going?

Interest rates are going to be going higher for a long period of time and you will have a huge advantage if you can lock in rates now lock in that's the important word lock in make sure you not gonna get hurt if they go higher. 

Investing Commentary: Real Estate, Agriculture and Inflation Risks


- real estate investing

- agriculture 

- inflations risks and what to do about it

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Market Cycles

"As with all market cycles, there is a very good chance that many of the more speculative stocks that are down 40-50%+ won't see their recent highs for a very long time. There is a whole new group of leaders that have been emerging, and that is often the best group to focus on."

-- Larry Tentarelli, Blue Chip Daily

Trading Lessons (Mark Minervini)

"If you have a hard time accepting small losses.. its usually because you haven't yet suffered enough huge losses. Eventually you realize that it's either one or the other. Those who fail to take small losses eventually take big losses. That's a guarantee!"

-- Mark Minervini, momentum stocks trader

Outlook on Markets

Legendary investor Jim Rogers sits down with Raoul Pal (Founder/CEO - Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Group)to discuss his outlook on markets, the many lessons he’s learned during his storied career and the importance of thinking for yourself.

Interest Rates Are Rising On Inflation

"How can Wall Street promote the false narrative of a strong recovery pushing up interest rates when another 745,000 people filed new unemployment claims last week? Rates are rising on inflation, not growth. People lose jobs, then the Federal Reserve prints money for the unemployed to spend."

-- Peter Schiff

Will Bitcoin Become A Viable Currency?

If Bitcoin ever becomes a viable currency instead of a trading vehicle, they can outlaw it. Governments don’t want to lose control; they like their monopoly.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Bitcoin & Digital Currency

I have never bought or sold a cryptocurrency. 

I obviously wish i'd bought Bitcoin. I have friends who are doing great in Bitcoin but I hasten to tell you that many cryptocurrencies have disappeared. There were hundreds of them and many of them have gone to zero. Bitcoin is not one of those obviously.

 I also want to to tell you that money is going to be on the computer. Nearly every country in the world including the United States is experimenting and studying how to put the currency on the computer.

They love it because first of all it's cheap you don't have to print the stuff, you don't have to transport it, you don't have to secure it but and more importantly it gives them complete control, governments will know everything you do.

Inflation: Will It Really Pick Up?


History would indicate it will because whenever governments have printed and borrowed gigantic amounts of money it has always led to inflation.

Maybe something's different this time but you and I both know it's very dangerous to say it's different this time.

Japan Has Got A Terrible Future

Japan has got a terrible future. I have written three bestsellers on Japan in the last couple of years, talking about the disaster ahead of it. But if the central bank is going to print all this money and buying exchange-traded funds, I am doing it too. But no, it does not have a good future.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Bitcoin, Gold, Digital Money


"I have never bought or sold any crypto."

Latest video interview with Stansberry Research. Topics:

- Bitcoin
- Tesla, Apple, Netflix and Bitcoin
- Is Bitcoin suited for wealth preservation?
- Is Bitcoin money?
- Governments may regulate, restrict Bitcoin

Asset Bubbles Are Beginning To Develop

Bubbles are beginning to develop. We do not have full-fledged bubbles yet except in bonds, bonds everywhere are a full-fledged bubble. At the moment, if I will buy countries I would buy Japan, I would buy Russia; both are still down dramatically but lots of money is going to pour into both of them because they are cheap and likewise agriculture.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Stock Market: Bubbles Are Developing

The U.S. stock market is at all time highs and bubbles are developing. Amazon goes up every day, Tencent goes up every day. Samsung goes up, every day. There are some bubbles developing in shares in many markets, not everywhere. There are many stocks in America that are not up but bubbles are developing. 

I have seen this movie before. Lots of new people coming into the market, everyboy says it is so easy to make money buying shares, they tell their friends... I have seen all of this. This is not the first time I have been to this movie.  

So, bubbles are developing in financial markets and when it breaks, like every other bubble is going to hurt very badly.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Money Is Being Flooded Into The World

There's gigantic amounts of money being flooded into the world by central banks and governments. Therefore markets are happy right now. 

This is all going to end very badly when it ends but at the moment it's great. 

If you give me trillions of dollars we will have a very good time I promise you. But of course I don't know how long the good time will last but while it lasts we're going to be really, really happy.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Gold: Weak Hands Being Shaken Out

Peter Schiff's update on the precious metals markets: 

"Gold is getting hammered. It's down $40 per ounce, trading back below $1,800. Silver is down $75 cents per ounce, back below $26. Despite extremely bullish fundamentals and news the big guys are determined to teach the little guys a lesson by shaking them out of the market." 

Gigantic Debts Are Being Built

 Right now, most politicians including in the United States say, no we should not be concerned about the budget deficit, we must be more concerned about taking care of people who are not working or companies that need help. 

That is a good argument but the debt that is being built up is going to be staggering. It is not good to be a young person now because young people are going to have a huge debt to pay off. If I were in charge I would not go spend this gigantic debt. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Emerging Markets: Always Excited About India

I’m always excited about India.

I’m very excited to see that India is opening up agriculture.

India has needed that for decades.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Bitcoin: Ray Dalio & Elon Musk

Interesting take from Peter Schiff on Bitcoin, Ray Dalio and Elon Musk,

"If Elon Musk or Ray Dalio intended to buy Bitcoin they would not announce it to the world in advance. They clearly know the effect such an announcement would have on price. So either they already bought all the Bitcoin they want to own, or they are unlikely to actually buy any."

--Peter Schiff

Friday, January 29, 2021

Jim's First Trades


Jim Rogers tries to remember his first trade and describes his early experiences on Wall Street. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Currencies: Turmoil Will Benefit The US Dollar


I own a lot of US Dollars at the moment. 

The United States is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world and it's getting worse every day so you probably should say well, why do you own US Dollars? 

I own them because we're going to have more problems, turmoil in the world later this year or next year. 

During times like that people always look for a safe haven. They think the US Dollar is a safe haven. It's not but they think it is for historic reasons.

So, the US Dollar will go much higher and it might even turn into a bubble. It'll certainly get overpriced at which point i'll have to sell my dollars.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Latest Interview With The Economic Times

Recent interview with the Economic Times:

Jim Rogers’ tip for new investors: Don't let hot tips ruin you


- Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin regulation
- India agriculture
- Russia, China
- Stock market outlook

India Should Be A Great Agricultural Nation Again

India should be, could be and will be a great agricultural nation again if the government gets out of the way and leaves those smart farmers to do it.

It's very dangerous when the government says it is coming to help you. When the government comes to help you, leave home, go away.

Bitcoin: A Perspective (from Peter Schiff)

 Recent Peter Schiff's commentary on Bitcoin,

"Losing the private key to your Bitcoin wallet is not the same thing as forgetting where you buried your gold. When gold is lost the world loses something -- the potential use of that gold as a metal. When Bitcoin is lost the world loses nothing. Gold is wealth. Bitcoin is not."

"The fact that an ounce of #gold can be divided into grams does not make it any less scarce. That's because its the weight of gold that's scarce relative to the demand to use it as a metal. Bitcoin weighs nothing and is used for nothing. So, dividing Bitcoin reduces its scarcity."

"The reason a one-ounce gold coin is twice as valuable as a half-ounce gold coin is that you can make twice as much jewelry with an ounce of gold as you can with a half ounce. Since you can't make anything out of a Bitcoin, a full Bitcoin has no more value than half a Bitcoin."

Monday, January 25, 2021

Investing: Bear Markets, Apple, Tencent

 Here are the links for the latest media appearances:

Have a great trading day!

Bitcoin Looks Like A Bubble

Many cryptocurrencies have disappeared and gone to zero.

We all watch Bitcoin but there are many others that have disappeared completely. 

I do not know who is buying Bitcoin. It looks to me like a bubble. I have seen many bubbles in my life.

Every Dollar A Young Man Saves

"I came into the market with $600 in 1968 and left in 1980 with millions. I was convinced, and still am, that every dollar a young man saves, properly invested, will return him 20 over the course of his life." 

-- Jim Rogers

Friday, January 22, 2021

Gold & Silver Will Eventually Go Much Higher!

I'm waiting for the correction. 

I don't know how long that correction will last, a month or a year. 

I will buy more silver, because it is down 50 per cent from highs, gold is down 10 per cent or something. 

I will buy a lot of silver and gold sometime later, because their prices would eventually go much higher.

Investing: Do Not Listen To Hot Tips

One should only invest in what s/he knows about.

Do not listen to hot tips, or me.

Everybody wants hot tips.

Those would bankrupt you, ruin you.

The way to be successful as an investor is to do nothing until you yourself know it is going to work and is backed by your own research.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Do Not Doubt Yourself

"I remember when I first started trading in 83 with a few grand saved and not a clue what I was doing. I don't know how, but I never doubted I would be successful. And you shouldn't doubt yourself. Why? Because every person can do much more than they think they can. My guarantee."

-- Mark Minervini, Momentum stocks trader profiled in Market Wizards Series

Vaccination Will Take A While

People think that the vaccine is going to calm things down and make economies restore themselves. It may well happen but it's certainly going to take a while. It's going to take a long time for people to get the vaccine.

I live in Singapore, a country with five and a half million people and it's going to be at least two quarters, maybe three before everybody gets it here and we're a small place. So, it's going to take a while.

Setting Goals

"If you limit your goals to what you know you can achieve, you are setting the bar way too low. Remember that great expectations create great capabilities."

-- Ray Dalio, hedge fund manager

Latest Market Commentary: January 20th 2021

 Currencies /Forex: Euro can't be a reserve currency for the world instead of the US dollar. Chinese renminbi could be one in the future

Stock Market: This bubble is not complete yet. When it becomes a full bubble, it will pop and a lot of people will lose lot of money

Cryptocurrencies: Never bought any cryptocurrency; many cryptocurrencies have disappeared and gone to zero in value. If government outlaws crypto, no one is going to use it

India: I wish India opens up more because if you open up more, India will be a much greater market in the future.

Never Bought Any Cryptocurrency

Never bought any cryptocurrency; many cryptocurrencies have disappeared and gone to zero in value. If government outlaws crypto, no one is going to use it.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Bitcoin: It Looks Like A Bubble

I have never bought any cryptocurrency but I wish I had bought Bitcoin. Bitcoin to me looks like a bubble. I have seen many other cryptocurrencies disappear. I am not making maoney but I am not losing money either. 

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