Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Bitcoin: A Perspective (from Peter Schiff)

 Recent Peter Schiff's commentary on Bitcoin,

"Losing the private key to your Bitcoin wallet is not the same thing as forgetting where you buried your gold. When gold is lost the world loses something -- the potential use of that gold as a metal. When Bitcoin is lost the world loses nothing. Gold is wealth. Bitcoin is not."

"The fact that an ounce of #gold can be divided into grams does not make it any less scarce. That's because its the weight of gold that's scarce relative to the demand to use it as a metal. Bitcoin weighs nothing and is used for nothing. So, dividing Bitcoin reduces its scarcity."

"The reason a one-ounce gold coin is twice as valuable as a half-ounce gold coin is that you can make twice as much jewelry with an ounce of gold as you can with a half ounce. Since you can't make anything out of a Bitcoin, a full Bitcoin has no more value than half a Bitcoin."

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