Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Silver Has Many Industrial Uses

Solar panels, many things use and need silver (more than gold). Gold is used in jewelry more than anything else. It does have industrial uses also but nothing like silver. I'm delighted to know that silver has industrial uses but that's not the main reason I own it.

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Investing: Looking For Opportunities Outside Of Your Country

First of all, one should understand that there are many opportunities in many places in the world besides your own country. There always have been and there always will be. For instance, you know 50 years ago most people didn't know Japan had a stock market just on the verge of becoming one of the greatest success stories of the 20th century. So always be on the lookout for other markets, other opportunities.

Monday, September 5, 2022

Bear Markets End In Panic

"The last leg of a bull market always ends in hysteria. The last leg of a bear market always ends in panic."

-- Jim Rogers

Gold & Silver: The Way To Protect Yourself

I'm an old, old peasant ... I want to have some gold in the closet, I want to have some silver under the bed and I will buy more, just like all of us other old peasants, because we know that's the way to protect yourself.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

German Stocks Are Feeling The Heat

"Good Morning from Germany, where real estate stocks are mirroring the doom and gloom in German housing market. Shares of industry leader Vonovia have almost halved in value this year, while TAG Immobilien has lost almost two thirds due to higher interest rates & falling property prices."

-- Holger Zschaepitz, Welt

Warren Buffett Turns 92 Today.

Warren Buffett turns 92 today.

One of lessons from early in his investing days:

"Buffett saved up $120 and bought his first stock at the age of 11. He bought Cities Service for $38.25 per share. It fell to $27, then rose to $40. He sold at a small profit. It later topped $200, teaching him an early lesson about patient investing."

-- story told by Jon Erlichman on twitter

“I regard Berkshire Hathaway, sort of like .. a painter regards a painting — the difference being that the canvas is unlimited. There’s no finish line at Berkshire.” -- Warren Buffett comparing investing and managing a business to art creation

Bitcoin: What Happens Next?

"There still seems to be a lot of buyers for Bitcoin below $20,000. But there are also a lot of sellers above $20,000. I think the market runs out of buyers before it runs out of sellers."

-- Peter Schiff recent commentary on Bitcoin's price action around 20,000 USD (August 28th)

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