Monday, September 26, 2016

Central Banks Are Losing Their Power, Huge Problems Ahead

Central Banks are losing their power. No matter where in the world you look, most of them have done all that they could and they are now losing their power and their credibility. Thank goodness.

The Central Banks we have now are disastrous. America has had three central banks, the first two disappeared, fortunately this one is going to disappear too because these guys are total imbeciles and they do not know what they are doing. They make mistake after mistake, after mistake, after mistake and eventually there is going to be a huge reaction, huge problems in the markets and the people are going to say, get rid of the central bank.

Jim Rogers is a legendary investor that co-founded the Quantum Fund and retired at age thirty-seven. He is the author of several investing books and also a renowned financial commentator worldwide famous for his contrarian views on financial markets.

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