Monday, December 18, 2017

Investing: The Right Time, The Right Asset

Futures or calls at the right time on the right item will make you a staggering amount of money.

Gold Is Just Another Commodity

Investing is qualitative, quantitative, it's everything. I mean, I wish it was that simple. I wish you could just look at turn to page 37 and say ah there's the answer. There is no simple answer in the investment world, it's a combination of everything and that's the case with gold and everything else. Gold has been around for thousands of years, gold has had many periods when it's been in a bull market and many periods when it's in a bear market. Gold it's just another investment. I know that many people think it is a currency, gold is just another investment like everything else. Just another commodity like everything else.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bitcoin: Bubbles Can Go On For A Long Time

If I just took out the facts of this industry whatever you want to call it, sector, you know ten years ago there were none. Now there are over 2,000 and if I gave you that fact and then I showed you the charts of 100 of them or a thousand of them and they all go straight up you would say whatever what is that that's a bubble, whether it's cotton or Brazilian stocks or whatever it happens to be you would say that's a bubble. So it looks like a bubble but bubbles can go on a long time a lot you and they often do but just because it looks like a bubble doesn't mean it's the end of the story.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The World Has A Money Problem: Gold, Silver and Bitcoin

The world has a money problem, we all are losing confidence in government's, we're losing confidence in paper money. Throughout history when that has happened people have looked for something else frequently it has been gold and silver. You cannot change thousands of years of people's habits or incarnations or thoughts pretty easily so gold and silver have not lost their place in the world's system.

Bitcoin: It Looks Like A Bubble

It looks like a bubble but bubbles can go on for a long time and they often do but just because it looks like a bubble doesn't mean it's the end of the story.

Monday, December 11, 2017

This Economic System Cannot Last

The economic system which has evolved in the world especially in the US but not just the US cannot be sustained because it is built on staggering amounts of debt. The United States is now the largest debtor nation not just in the world but in the history of the world. No country has ever gotten so deep in debt and the debt goes higher and higher every day.

Nobody's doing anything about it except some worrying like me or worry knowing it cannot go on and not only is it based on lots of debt but to sustain the debt or to maintain it they now print a lot of money. The central bank in America gets out its printing presses, prints a lot of money and uses that to finance the debt going forward so this cannot last forever. I'm afraid it's not gonna last too much longer because we're getting to the end of the road.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Reason Why I Prefer Japanese and Chinese Shares

It looks like there's a blowout in place you know and it often happens in markets every 10, 20, 30 years we have them we may be having one now. But I would buy Japan if this happened (tax cut), Japanese markets are down 50 percent from their all-time, high Chinese stocks are down 40 percent and I'd rather buy low instead of buying high. 

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