Thursday, December 18, 2014

Macro Views: Latin America

Latin America historically should be a land of great opportunity. All those countries in latin Maerica have huge natural resources, weather, population, etc. Unfortunately most of them have been badly managed. For the most part of the last 400 years.  I am not sure why they`ve been so badly managed. You look at country in the world has better opportunities, and they keep messing it up over and over again.

Argentina the same way. 125 years ago, people in Europe deciding to emigrate, the choice was either the U.S. or Argentina. Many of them went to Argentina. Argentina has gone straight to hell since 125 years ago. So many of these Latin America countries have great opportunities, great assets, unfortunately they have not run them very well for most of the time. That usually leads to opportunities because when there is a disaster, if nothing else, things are going to get better for a while.

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