Friday, January 9, 2015

Bullish on Japanese Stocks

I own Japanese shares at the moment. I will probably buy more. But long term, Japan is a disaster. I mean, they have a declining population, skyrocketing internal debt, they are debasing their currency...

Debasing your currency has never been a viable way to revive a country, even in the medium term. It helps in the short term but its a disaster in the long term. So, Mr.Abe, the prime minister will go down in history as the person who ruined Japan. No question about that. In the meantime, I own Japanese shares, I will probably buy more. He is putting through things that have helped and will help the stock market. Giving incentives to the Japanese to buy shares, he is persuading the pension funds to stop buying government bonds and to buy shares. He is doing a lot to help the stock market.

But I want to emphasize, in the end it is going to be a nightmare for Japan but in the mean time its good for stock brokers.

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