Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Money Is A Complicated Product

Money is a complicated product. It can be a source of great happiness for some people but for the most people is a source of problems and misery. So I hope that everybody learns to understand money at an early age.

The first thing that children have to know about money is that it is hard to get. Second is that they should not waste it and third is that they should save. If you get those 3 basics down you got a good start.

Then you need to learn to invest it and you need to learn how to get the best returns, you need to learn how to spend it in order not to spend it unwisely.

Jim Rogers is a legendary investor that co-founded the Quantum Fund and retired at age thirty-seven. He is the author of several investing books and also a renowned financial commentator worldwide famous for his contrarian views on financial markets.

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