Monday, January 25, 2016

The Federal Reserve Will Try To Come To Our Rescue Again

I am worried about the gigantic debt in the U.S. as a start, and second I am certainly worried about the Federal Reserve because because what more can they do? What will probably happen is we will start having problems again wether this month, in the spring or in the summer, the Federal Reserve will panic, they will try to come to our rescue again, they will print more money, they will lower interest rates if they can. The Federal Reserve is not out of it yet. The Federal Reserve is the one making this problem and making this worse and worse and worse. Capital is being misallocated.

Jim Rogers is a legendary investor that co-founded the Quantum Fund and retired at age thirty-seven. He is the author of several investing books and also a renowned financial commentator worldwide famous for his contrarian views on financial markets.

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