Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Emerging Markets: Russia, Korea

Emerging Markets: Russia

Russia is hated, the markets are down. Russia have very little debt, huge natural resources and they're opening up more and more. So, I would suspect in a few years we'll look back and say, "Oh remember when Russia was so cheap? Why didn't we buy it?"

Emerging Markets: North Korea

It is still illegal (to invest in North Korea). I would rather be poor and out of jail than rich and in jail. As soon as it is legal I will start making progress. Well, I will probably have to invest in South Korean stocks first. I own Korean Airlines because for instance, there will be a lot more travel when it becomes legal and open. At the moment there is no stock market in North Korea. They need everything. They need electricity, they need soap, they need table cloths. If you have any kind of expertise you can make a fortune in North Korea. They are where China was in 1981.

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