Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Market Update: June 12

Russian Stock Market

I would suspect in a few years we'll look back and say "Oh, remember when the russian stock market was so cheap, why didn't we buy it?" 

Trade Wars

No one has ever won a trade war. Trade wars always end badly and Mr. Trump and the people around him seem to be very keen on trade wars.

Mr. Trump has talked about them for years. Or he doesn't know history which is possible or he thinks he's smarter than history which is probable. He thinks that he can win a trade war no matter what and therefore he's willing to try and it's getting worse and worse.

Sectors: Agriculture

Agriculture is very depressed right now it's not working at the moment but agriculture is certainly a good place to for me to put money.

Stock Market: The Next Bear Market

In 2008 we had a big problem because of too much debt. Since 2008 the debt everywhere has skyrocketed. Many people have talked about austerity but nobody has done any austerity.

The debt everywhere it's much, much higher than it was then. The America's central bank balance sheet alone has gone up 500 percent in those eight or ten years.

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