Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Interest Rates: Latest Commentary

Interest Rates Are Still Very Low

Anybody who thinks these interest rates are high needs to go back and do a little history because these interest rates are the lowest in recorded American history. 

I mean we never had interest rates this low, this long (the last four or five years). So these are anything but high interest rates on a historic basis. 

That's true everywhere in the world. Interest rates were negative in some countries in the world. 

Japan has never had such low interest rates, much of the world has never ever had such low interest rates. So, if you think these interest rates are high please do some homework. 

Inflation and Interest Rates: How It Works

In periods of slow inflation people don't notice it so much. But when inflation starts rising rapidly then people notice it and they take action with their investments and other things as well. 

Certainly when inflation is here and coming back and getting stronger, interest interest rates are going to go higher because people have to be paid more on their money when inflation is here because the money's losing value every day. People want to compensate for that with higher interest rates.

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