Friday, February 8, 2019

Promising Areas To Invest

“Life is short. Ride hard and far. Make it happen." 
- Jim Rogers

Promising Areas To Invest

Jim Rogers was recently Korean talk show where he talked about promising investment areas like agriculture, pollution control and an Unified Korea. You can read the article here: Agricultural Stocks Surges on Jim Rogers Comments 

Why Governments Prefer Inflation 

Unfortunately governments usually wind up with inflation because it's easier for governments that way. It's easier to print money, it's easier to borrow money, it's easy to spend money and ultimately that leads to more inflation. Inflation makes people unhappy too but governments can at least do something or think they can do something. Deflation makes everybody angry and governments usually cannot do much except revert to inflation again. 

Rising Interest Rates Will Ruin People

Interest rates at least in America have a long history of long, long cycles. We're now headed up again and interest rates are going to go much, much, much higher over the next few decades and it's gonna ruin a lot of people.

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