Monday, March 4, 2019

Central Banks Are Buying Gold

Yes, there are central banks buying gold but whether do we like it or not you know gold has been around for a few thousand years and many people like it.

Academics can say that gold is meaningless, gold is, you know, all the things that some academics say about gold but like it or not you cannot tell a French peasant that he shouldn't buy gold you cannot tell me that I shouldn't buy gold. 

So, like it or not people for historic reasons, emotional reasons, insane reasons for whatever reason there are many people who know or think they know that in a crisis gold and silver are the places to be.

So it's not going to end, not in my lifetime anyway, not in your lifetime. Gold has been around a few thousand years and it will continue to be around. Yes, there will be people who will sell it at times. There are a lot more French peasants than there are intellectuals from Ivy League universities and when I say French peasants I mean common people all over the world.

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