Friday, March 15, 2019

Jim Rogers Talks Markets: Weekly Recap

Crypto Currencies Are All Going To Zero

The digital coins are all going to go to zero and disappear. Blockchain and crypto currencies are two entirely different things as you well know. Blockchain is going to change everything we know, it has a phenomenal future. Electricity changed everything we know and put a lot of people out of business. Blockchain is going to put a lot of people out of business too but it's great for the world. But crypto currencies are all gonna go to zero, they're all going to disappear.

The Prospects For An Unified Korean Peninsula

Would you rather live in North Korea or Switzerland? I can tell you would prefer to live in Switzerland then North Korea. They don't want to live in North Korea too. They want to live like they live in South Korea. This is not 1989 this is 2019 they know and they don't want to live that way anymore. Chairman Kim grew up in Switzerland so he doesn't want to live in North Korea. If you were Chairman Kim would you rather live in North Korea or Switzerland? He wants to live in Switzerland so he's changing it. I have read about and have seen the changes that are taking place. So, the peninsula is going to be a very, very exciting place.

Investing In North Korea

It's illegal me to invest in North Korea so no, I haven't. I'm trying to find investments in North Korea but so far I have invested in Korean Air but that's not a great way but it's difficult to find things.

A Pessimistic View On Japan

In a recent visit to Japan, Jim Rogers warned of a severe economic downturn and a pessimistic view on the Japanese economy longer term. You can read the complete article here: American investor Jim Rogers warns of severe economic downturn and forecasts grim future for Japan

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